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Concord, Massachusetts (Then and Now) Sarah Chapin

Concord, Massachusetts (Then and Now)

Sarah Chapin

Published September 30th 2001
ISBN : 9780738509365
96 pages
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 About the Book 

Concords photographic history begins in the last third of the eighteenth century and, in this new collection of then and now photographs, there is an abundance of the earliest images that capture the old town and its townspeople. Modern images chosen for their resemblances or comparisons illustrate the originally rural communitys transformation into a modern suburb and evoke thoughts of historys ever-turning progression.Many of the older images in Then & Now: Concord have been given to the authors especially for this publication. Many are part of the Concord Free Public Librarys Special Collection. Most of the modern photographs have been made by photographers Claiborne Dawes and Alice Moulton. Their images show such compelling comparisons as fathers and sons, old houses renovated or replaced with other structures, and the famous old authors with recent famous new ones. Then and Now: Concord will bring murmurs of reminiscence to residents and expressions of interest and curiosity to visitors seeking depth to their understanding of this important New England town.