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Better Your Best! In Sales Mark Heerema

Better Your Best! In Sales

Mark Heerema

Published 2008
120 pages
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 About the Book 

BETTER YOUR BEST! In SalesFive Simple Steps That Will INSTANTLY Make You More Money, Dramatically Increase Your Sales, and Catapult You To The Top!Would you trade what you would pay for ONLY one movie and a small popcorn for a LIFETIME of higher sales achievement? That chance is HERE!After years of research, study, and first hand experience coaching sales professionals, Mark Heerema finally reveals the secrets of top sales achievers. You know the techniques, strategies, and you know what you should do, yet you don’t do what you need to do. You know there is more.So, how do the top achievers consistently grow, perform, and succeed? Because they live by THE single common denominator ALL successful sales pro’s subscribe to. What is it? They have learned, created, and sustained an unbreakable internal foundation that is the root of all successful behavior, and that allows them to make the right choices over and over again. Taking your sales career to the next level is just around the corner, and after reading this book you will know how to:•Explode through your current limitations!•Equip yourself with the “secret ingredient” to push you through any obstacle!•Successfully utilize the most important and powerful gift you have as a sales pro!•Identify behaviors that are holding you back!•Avoid ‘the line’ that separates success from failure!•Make the choices that will produce the results you have always wanted!•Increase your sales regardless of what is happening around you!•And many more key strategies, concepts, insights, and ideas for optimal selling!